Full Circle moment

"I'm not starting over but i'm starting right now."

Meagan Hope is a Portland, Oregon native who started her music industry career over 20 years ago. Raised with music all around her, Meagan fell in love with the band The Doors when she was 8 years old. She’s a 60’s spirit who grew up in the 90’s and her sound captures both the 60’s & 70’s but also has a strong 90’s alternative rock influence. With an alto range much like Natalie Merchant and Grace Slick; her music naturally has this 60’s/90’s influence. When you see her six-piece "dirty bastards" band play you will hear mainly originals songs along with some classic 60's and 90's rock songs that influence their sound!

The summer of 2002 changed the trajectory of Meagan’s life when she saw the band The Who. She never took the traditional route and wanted to learn directly from someone who lived the rockstar life. In spring of 2003 Meagan had an internship with Dan Reed from the Dan Reed Network at the nightclub he co-owned, Ohm. “No book or class can teach you what I learned during that 2-year time period,” recalls Meagan. Those two years are what inspired her song, Beautiful Dystopia. She says, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." She recalls learning, partying, and dancing into the early a.m. hours with some of the best musicians from around the world.

In 2005 Meagan released her first EP working with Dahlia's Keith Schreiner (Auditory Sculpture) titled Night & Day. The album is an electronic pop sound heavily influenced by No Doubt’s new electronic sound from the early 2000’s and Madonna’s American Life album. 

Meagan decided to tap into her background and education in marketing and business started a DJ and production company with her now husband. She also took a job with the City of Portland as the director of Portland Teen Idol. While working with Portland Teen Idol and other concert productions, she started to establish herself in the local music scene of Portland in booking and production, plus marketing and promotion. 

In 2007 Meagan reached back out to Keith Schreiner to help create a song for the winner of Portland Teen Idol. Keith, Meagan and Jennifer Folker (Dahlia) created the song “Who I Am” and it debuted on the nationally syndicated morning show, The Playhouse! 

Now 20 years since Meagan embarked in the music biz, she has now debuted her first full-length album! She realized it was time to get back in the recording studio. Meagan walked away from the music industry in 2014 because as she puts it, “there’s nothing healthy about the industry and it nearly killed me.” But in early 2021 she approached Kevin Hahn, owner of Opal Studio and asked if he’d go on this wild ride with her as her writing partner and producer of her album.

Meagan’s album, Good Mourning takes you along her therapeutic journey with grief and an intense spiritual awakening, which led to a spontaneous kundalini awakening. Since then she's continued the ride and her wildest dreams are coming true. Listen to her story by staying up-to-date with her events listings as she is sharing her story on independent radio stations and podcasts around the world. 

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