Love the song, Ray of Light and the arrangement!” - Local Roots Music NW

Meagan Hope Band

The Meagan Hope Band

Come and experience a musician and her band that sounds like the Laurel Canyon scene of the 1970's smashed 90's grunge/alternative and had a baby!

Ten Years...That's how long of a hiatus Meagan took from the music industry. As she puts it, "Sometimes you have to walk away, but you can never stay away!" The comeback has been a dream come true. She has so many stories to tell. Each song that Meagan and her band write tell a story that binds us together as humans. Everyone in the audience can relate to the stories told. Beautiful Dystopia is a story about the best of times and the worst of times. Ray of Light, sounds like The Doors and is tribute to Ray Manzarek (The Doors). If you are looking for a band that brings the nostalgic sounds that will remind you of the Laurel Canyon scene of the 60's and 70's and also the Seattle grunge/alternative scene, LOOK NO FURTHER! 

Ray of Light, a tribute song to Ray Manzarek of the Doors.

"A cool new song about Ray from Meagan Hope. She was a huge fan of Ray’s and wrote this song as a tribute. Great work Meagan. Somewhere Ray is smiling." 

-Ray Manzarek's Official Facebook page


Meagan Hope Band draws a crowd that loves the nostalgia of songs that you might hear on the Portland classic rock station 92.3 KGON or 107.7 The End (Seattle) back in the 90’s when grunge and alternative rock ruled the airwaves! The audience tends to be a mix of Millennials, Gen X, and some Baby Boomers all having an experience together singing their hearts out!

Marketing & Promotions

Meagan started her marketing career back in college where she majored in music industry 22 years ago. She has a background in digital marketing (especially social media) and promotion. Therefore, she does heavy promotion on their website, socials (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube), email marketing, and when appropriate run social ads (FB and IG). The entire band always has a promo postcard on hand with QR codes that takes them directly to their upcoming shows! 

Set Time

The Meagan Hope Band can play a 2-hour set. 

📸 and 🎥 Amanda Goff with Silver Keys Media

My Own Private PDX Interview

Shady Pines Radio

On 2/27 Meagan was interviewed by Your Own Private PDX! 

"We’ll be chatting with @meaganhopemusic and listening to @vvisterialodge latest album, plus tracks from @thedecemberists and @shipstoroam. Come get some (great local Portland music)!"

Meagan's interview is about 30 minutes into the radio show!

Press Photos

Meagan Hope and Her Dirty Bastard's Band